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Mar 08 , 2022


Jameel Jackson



  • Faith W.

    The Family Love The Truth of Yah Board Game

  • Saadia Rae

    This game is an amazing memorization tool and it makes learning fun and engaging. I also received socks that were soo soft and comfortable plus stylish. I would recommend to anyone. On top of all of that customer response team is on point APTTMH. MHNCB!!

  • Sylvian Jackson

    So thankful for a game that helps in studying and learning ABBA’s word. I have family members eager to play. 5 stars!!!

  • honica honsby

    I have ordered several games to give to people hoping it will open their eyes. I have not had any problems ordering or receiving the game. May Yah bless you with many more sales.APTTMH!

  • Rashonda

    I’ve had the truth of YAH game for about a year or so never played it cause I don’t have anyone to play with in my household or in general I just actually a week ago opened it out of the plastic wrap at the synagogue but we still didn’t play. I just received my WOE cards I’m excited to play cause I can play that by myself as solitary I guess but I’m gone find someone to play with me but I am excited about playing both games HalleluYAH

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