Is Truth of Yah sold in stores?

  • Not yet however it is on the agenda.

How do I win at Truth of Yah?

  • Answer the questions correctly according to scripture and you’ll advances spaces across the board. The first person to make it to New Jerusalem wins the game.

How many pawns come with each game?

  • 4 pawns come with each game.

How many players can participate?

  • The game comes with 4 pawns for each player, however you can play on teams for larger families.

Can the Host play as well?

  • No, the Host is the only individual with access to the answer sheet.

What forms of payments are accepted?

  • Online orders via PayPal

Can I donate to the Truth of Yah Company?

  • Yes, All donations can be made via Cashapp @ $TruthofYah